​Our personal and closely monitored  homestay programme is a strength of our international student’s experience.  We are all parents in our international team and we understand how important it is for our students to be happy in their homestays.

Features of our homestay programme include:

  • Students live with families in the local community and all homes are either on a school bus route or within walking or cycling distance from school
  • Regular homestay information sharing and training with the families so they are well prepared and aware of expectations and cultural differences
  • 24 hour access to the International Students Coordinator for emergencies
  • We know all our families personally, visit them regularly, police check them and do regular evaluations with the students and the families to make sure everyone is happy
  • All our homestay families are different because we know all our students are different and this helps us to find the right family for the right student
  • We do our best to find the right family for our students but people are people and sometimes it is not the right match.  We cannot guarantee the first homestay family will be right but we can guarantee that if it is not working out for either the student or the family we will communicate any problems honestly and change the family if this is what will make everyone happy

Collingwood Area School