Welcome to Collingwood Area School


Together we ride the wave of life long success                             Ka eke ngatahi tatou i te ngaru o te                        

At Collingwood Area School we offer students a learning experience for all in years 1 to 13.  Some of our main features are:

  • All classes have less than 25 students
  • Year 11 to 13 students have programmes designed  to suit their needs and can combine the academic with the practical.  Programmes can aim students towards tertiary education or a good career.
  • Teachers are able to cover the full New Zealand Curriculum to all age groups.
  • Collingwood Area School has first rate facilities for learning in all curriculum areas.  There is an updated technology block and a modern library with computer facilities.  
  • We have one of the best internet connections in rural New Zealand with the promise of a fibre connection in the near future.  Wiifi is accessible in many classrooms with students from Year 5 to 13 encouraged to bring their own devices for learning purposes.

All of this takes place in a stunning natural environment of bush clad hills and the fish-laden waters of Golden Bay.

Please feel welcome to contact the school for more details:

03 5248125                                                                                                admin@collingwood-area.school.nz

Dr Janelle Mckenzie                                                                                                             Principal